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We are CHOMP 

We are an award winning motion design / vfx studio based out of Colorado, but working with brands all over the country.  We are fully remote capable with workstations, render farm, and cinema production gear.

We are a Colorado group at heart. We e
njoy biking, hiking, and spending time with our team mascot, a dog named "Pixel". 


Our Capabilities


CHOMP can accommodate any project. Here is the wide range of our capabilities for you to choose from.

Visual Effects

Motion Tracking
Crew / Equipment Removal
Logo Removal
Screen Replacement
Set Extension / Matte Painting

Animation / Motion Design

Product Rendering
Explainer Videos
Internal Training
VR / VR 360
Environment Creation
Network Graphics Package


Virtual Production
Live-Action Production
Green Screen
Facia Boards
Digital Illustration
Post Production
Script Development

“It’s the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish.”


Samwise Gamgee

The Lord of the Rings

Every collaboration starts with the same goal in mind, designing solutions.

This can be applied to a showing off the features of a product, telling a story, or displaying visuals to help inform and teach others.

Our Team.

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